Mermerler Group

Zafer Murat Mermer
Yönetim Kurulu Başkan Vekili

We are aware of the difficulty of acting as a result of the political and economic changes in the world in recent years. As the Mermerler Group of Companies, we continue to work to seize the opportunity, especially in the face of continuous changes in economic change. Today, we continue to carry our business experience from generation to generation, with the slow participation of the 5th generation in business life, in order to develop the goals of our founder, the late Muzaffer Marble, who has past experience. Today, we proudly continue to develop our cooperation on behalf of our state and country. For this purpose, we continue to represent our state abroad in the best way possible, which is the basis of our existence in all our investments.

The manifesto of Muzaffer Marble, which laid the foundation of our existence in 1943 and provided the first corporate incorporation, was our biggest corporate constitution in those years. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Yuksel Marble, we are working for a permanent future for the growing 5th Generations by continuing on the path we know constantly in order to carry the company flag at the highest level. We continue with our investments in the automotive, construction, tourism, industry and retail sectors.

By combining these partnerships with foreign companies, we add strength to our strength both in Turkey and internationally. We always know that what we do is based on the future. We value people and nature. We work hand in hand with our professional staff to make the world better and more beautiful for all living creatures.

Since 1943, we see it as our most important goal to safely raise the bar to the next level. We are confidently planning and implementing our long-term strategies in this direction. We know that we are doing our duty in accordance with the awareness of our responsibilities to be the best group of companies, to our valued customers who trust us, to our employees, dealers, business partners, managers and shareholders of the Mermerler Group of Companies. This year, we will achieve new achievements for our country and as the Mermerler Group of Companies with all our employees in the best way possible. As Mermerler Group of Companies, our professional staff from generation to generation will continue to carry this honorable Mermerler flag, with the understanding of ahi-order that we have been maintaining since 1943.


Muzaffer Marble was born as the son of Hacı Yusuf Ziya Marble in Kırşehir, the cradle of Ahi-Order Culture, who said that the cauldron of trade and craftsmanship should be boiled not only for profit but also for sustenance. When he came to the 1950s, after his childhood years when he started his working life, he decided to take up transportation activities, which were difficult for that period, and bought a minibus for 8 people. The buyer, who aspires to the tires of this new van, helps him realize that his real profit can only be valued with a better investment. In 1958, with the joint decision of his family, he came to Istanbul and bought a hotel and four shops in the Sirkeci region. When Beşiktaş acquires the gas station in the Balmumcu region, it will have made its most important move to leave its mark on the Istanbul Marbles Automotive Market by laying the foundations of Mermerler Automotive. In the following years, he made contact with the Sabancı Group about being Mitsubishi’s only sales point in Istanbul and received a positive response. Muzaffer Bey and his sons, who set Mazda as their next target, signed a distributorship agreement with the brand for the Turkish market in 1985. His entrepreneurship, which started in Kırşehir and resonated internationally, set an example to the Automotive world and its family, and has become a pioneer in many other sectors besides Automotive, with the legacy of work left to the generations that follow. Mr. Muzaffer, who passed away in May 2005, is now watching the charming Anatolian city from the black and white youth photographs hanging on the wall of Fatma – Muzaffer Mermer Vocational High School for Girls in Kırşehir, the city of poets. As Neşet Ertaş said; “I used to say that I was far away from abroad. Your longing is deep in my heart Kırşehir…”


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